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We can supply and install a wide range of CCTV, alarm systems and door entry systems for your business or home

Closed Circuit Television – CCTV

It is important to protect what is dear to you, regardless of whether it is your business premises or your home and family. Kent Electrical Contracting specialise in CCTV Installation applications.

From affordable Small Business solutions to large scale Industrial IP Camera Applications and fully Automated CCTV Systems for manufacturing processes. Our systems are designed around your individual requirements and we can offer everything from 24 hour surveillance cameras, DVD recording systems, DVR recording systems, fixed dome cameras, night vision cameras, infra-red night vision cameras, and much more.

Alarm Systems

Intruder alarms are an important part of security which give peace of mind; knowing that your home or business is protected against intruders. As with our CCTV installations we can design and install any system to suit your requirements, from a basic home installation, to complex business solutions, which can be combined with your CCTV installation. We can install hard wired, wireless and phone dialler systems for homes and businesses.

Door Entry Systems

A door entry system allows you to talk to and see your visitors before admitting them. It gives you the choice of who is allowed in – and who is not. Door Entry systems can range from a simple one-way audio entry to sophisticated digital systems, covering multiple apartments and entrances – with or without video.

Kent Electrical Contracting can design and install door entry systems to suit your needs and budgets and can integrate them into your alarm and CCTV systems if required. Contact us to see how we can help.