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Energy Saving for the Future

Kent Electrical Contracting are actively promoting energy conservation and are continuously involved in energy efficiency projects with large, small, commercial and industrial organisations; designing, installing and commissioning intelligent lighting systems.

We provide a complete service to reduce your
energy bills and carbon footprint…

If you are a business occupying commercial or industrial buildings then there will be real potential to significantly lower your energy use through the installation of energy saving lighting solutions with a short payback period.

We endeavour to offer the most cost effective and innovative solutions for all your energy requirements.

Outdated lighting in large commercial or industrial buildings can be responsible for up to 40% of the on-site electricity usage.

The savings made by new energy efficient lighting is typically the single biggest cut in electricity consumption (and carbon footprint) in one single step – up to 80% is possible, with every penny saved contributing directly to net profit.

There are many indirect financial benefits including reduced lighting maintenance costs, better productivity in improved working conditions, avoiding financial penalties of new stringent environmental regulations etc.

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Energy efficient 

Being energy conscious
makes a World of difference

Interest free loans and grants are available for private and public sector organisations

According to the Carbon Trust,
“Commercial and industrial lighting consumes an estimated 20% of all electricity generated in the UK. In most organisations, lighting accounts for up to 40% of total electricity costs.”

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